Hi, I am a Storyteller.

My passion for photography stems from a deep desire to capture light and connections. My love language* of physical touch is directly reflected in my photos. As a child, I would need what Mom refers to as my “Mom Fix.” In the middle of play I would run up, embrace her and then run off and play again. Now as an adult, I can still remember the feel of her soft skin where I found so much comfort but I wish I had a photo of that connection.

There is nothing more sacred to me than being invited into your home and capturing the fleeting moments of every day life. Too soon, those tiny feet won’t follow you down the stairs any more and the little one who can’t seem to leave your side will grow up and move away. It would be my honor to preserve those memories and leave the legacy for generations to come.

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“I know it’s a camera but, to me, it’s the best tool I have to truly see someone. … To be seen is a gift and to have the honor of truly seeing another, well, that is the place where true art is made.”